Kondo Ko

Short Term Leasing Management

Premier hosting services provided only to a few selected condo units. Raising the Bar on short-term leasing.

  • Advertising on multiple online platforms
  • Screening Viewing if needed
  • Key exchanges, Inventory, Check-in/out
  • Guest bookings coordination
  • Bills management and Reporting
  • Condo Admin clearance (thru email)
  • No guarantee on occupancy rate
  • Standard Clean, refill supplies, guest check-in or check-out, documentation
  • Owner must comply with scheduled check/maintenance
  • Manager coordinates/oversees repairs with approval from Owner

The following expenses will deducted from rental income:
Condo Dues, Electrical Supply, Water Supply, Internet/WIFI, Cable/TV Setup and Subscription, Cleaning Supplies, Laundry, Toiletries

Transient stays are those anywhere between 1 day to 3 months.

Security Deposit: Php 5,000
Cancellation Policy: __ Flexible __ Moderate __ Strict
Extra Guest: Php 300
Only Light Cooking Allowed