Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I get professional residential property management by Kondo Ko.    

1. We switch in between short-term and long-term leasing to lessen downtime of your unit. 

2. We are very particular with the people we employ for your security. They are well paid, complete with benefits and insurance coverage. 

3. We are your one-stop shop for all your condo, from pre-selling to hand-over, furnishing, leasing, to eviction if needed, up to re-selling, until completion of transfer of title. 

4. We focus on process and technology. We have our own property management system that we have developed for the Philippine market. 

5. We are transparent and direct to the point. We do not sugar coat. 

2. How are you different from the leasing services offered by developer’s in-house property management?    

Most condominium property management are understaffed, and have other task as part building management. Getting your units leased and maintained is not top of priority. At Kondo Ko., we have our in-house marketing team to make sure your property gets enough exposure and own maintenance team, which will go to your unit as and when needed.  

3. How is a property manager different from the any other brokers or agents when it comes to leasing our unit?    

Brokers and sales agent would not usually be as involved in the leasing, maintenance and management of your unit. They also might not have the process or training needed to properly manage and lease a condo unit. 


We will explain the factors that will influence the rental rate of your unit and re-assess every two weeks if your unit is not getting enough inquiries. 

5. Do you also offer pre-selling condominium units?    

YES WE DO! from various developers too Like Ayala, Megaworld, SMDC, RLC, Century, Ortigas Land, Shangri-la, Alveo, Empire East, Federal, Avida, Filinvest, Vista

6. What are your exceptions for your services?    

1. We only handle Condo Units which have security and proper documentations and processes, which is good for us as we feel safe going to work. 

2. We do not handle town houses, apartments, house and lot, and residential buildings for security reasons. 

3. We do not handle condos located in Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela, Marikina areas as they are on the lower range markets. 

4. We do not handle low end condo projects from unknown to low end developers because there will be potentially lots of issues from low quality buildings. 

7. We have the widest coverage area in the Philippines. Covering the following:    

1. Advertising on multiple online platforms. 

2. Guests Screening Viewing if needed. 

3. Key exchanges, Inventory, Check-in/out. 

4. Guest bookings coordination. 

5. Bills management and Reporting.