About Us


We are Kondo Ko., a family-run company helping condo owners, who do not have the resources or time to manage their property themselves. We provide personalized packages and services from furnishing to short-term and long-term leasing and any other assistance needed to help them maximize the earning capacity of their property so they can have their hard-earned condo investment work for them.

Being a family-run company, we only employ field agents who we trust and know personally. Your trust is important to us and we strive to be transparent and up front with anything that concerns your unit.

How we started

Mothers know best...

We were almost giving up on having our condo unit rented because of the many issues we have had with renters, paying mortgage, paying tax, paying dues…the list continues. We were living abroad and on one vacation in Manila, we were approached by an agent who offered to sublease our unit to guests. They offered guaranteed rent but for a fraction of the rent we could potentially get. I told my mother the offer and she said, let me do that myself it so you don’t need to sacrifice on the rental price. Before we know it we had another friend of ours whose mother doesn’t live nearby, so he asked if my mother could help him too. And one thing leads to another.

We employ the experience we had living overseas and seeing how agents and property companies in Singapore, Australia and UK handle properties under their care. This comes with the hope that in the future more Philippine property owner will see the advantage of having their units handled by professionals instead of dealing with all the issues themselves.


At Kondo Ko., we believe that there is no one winning formula for all properties. We will study the area your condo is located, we will profile your market, review market rates, and advice what is the best plan of action. As with any business, your rental business need to have a business plan.

If needed, we will switch from one package to another for your condo depending on peak and down season, depending on your cash flow needs, depending on your risk appetite, and current furnishing in your unit.

Short stay rentals in average earn between 20% - 50% more compared to a traditional long term lease, but this might not work for all condos as profit varies depending on various factors. So while we are waiting for a long-term tenant that suits your profile, we will do short-term bookings or vice-versa, with your approval. We do this to lessen the down time of your property so it gets to earn as much as it could.
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Our Promise

We understand that owning a condominium property in Metro Manila can be such a hassle and sometimes it does not yield as much income as we hoped it would. Sometimes you pay the condo dues every month even if you don’t have a renter. The bills just keep on filling. We share your sentiments and that's why we have come up with packages and services that can help you achieve the full potential of your property. We will be your partner from sign-up until you sell your property.

As property owners ourselves, we had experienced all the pains of owning and running a condo. If you have had enough of renters who doesn't pay on time, leaves utility bills unpaid? If you just don’t have the time or resources to market your condo for short term airbnb-type rentals, if you are after a particular profile for your longterm tenant, or if you just really want to sell your condo to get rid of all the hassle...

Then you've come to the right place! No matter the situation we will take care of it.

Sit back and relax... We got you.